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Purchase/Selection of Ostomy/Skin Care Products

Please contact our authorized agent in your country for detailed information.


  • In principle, our products should be used under the supervision of a medical professional. Please consult with medical professionals and ask for advice before purchasing our products.


  • The selection of a stoma appliance depends on the type of stoma and time of use (postoperative course). It also depends on the form/site of stoma and type of excretion.
  • A stoma appliance should be placed such that it can appropriately collect the stool or urine that exits the stoma. Please be aware that an individual who has undergone urostomy cannot use colostomy or ileostomy appliances.
  • Problems with stoma appliances can be prevented by changing appliances appropriately according to the change in stoma size and the physical changes including skin condition, body weight and age.
  • If detachment of stoma appliances causes leakage of excretory matter, leading to irritation or infection of the skin around the stoma, keep the skin around the stoma under close observation. The cause of the skin trouble should be identified. Visiting your doctor for consultation is recommended.
  • If an odor is emitted even if the stoma appliances are appropriately placed, check for any space between the appliance and the skin, and, in the case of a two-piece ostomy system, confirm whether firm contact between the faceplate and the pouch is being maintained.