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Aiming to "improve quality of care" and "achieve safe care work"

General Catalog

Product Information

Ostomy care

Various ostomy care products, including digestive stoma, urinary and pediatric stoma


Dressing materials for wound management

Drainage products

Products for control of drainage care

Medical stockings

Medical stockings for control of venous blood flow

Skin care products

Skin care products that serve for cleansing/protecting based on moisturizing the skin


Bandages for support/fixation/compression of injury

Surgical tapes

Surgical tapes including various high-quality surgical tapes with adhesiveness and elasticity suitable for usages/sites and CV catheter anchoring kits


Braces to stabilize joints

Low back pain bands

Low back pain bands for supporting the lumbar region


Cast /splint for fixation/support of injury during treatment of fracture care


Patient Restraining Brace for ideal posture during radiotherapy

Body Pressure Dispersing Products

Body pressure dispersing products for spreading the local pressure

Bedside products

Bedside products that enable safe and comfortable care

Incontinence management products

Discreet wearable compact incontinence appliances for males that do not interfere with movement