Message from Representative

Terushige Suzuki, Chairperson / Katsumi Ito, President

Our goal is to be an essential partner to an aging society

ALCARE's foundation in 1955 was prompted by the development of Japan's first plaster bandage.
Ever since, in our mission to build a healthy society offering ample health and welfare services for all as a company that creates the Best Care, we have engaged sincerely with the needs and hopes of medical professionals and patients and delivered many products to satisfy them.
Medical care in an aging society is being asked to undergo a paradigm shift from a "cure-centric" model that focuses primarily on curing disease and maintaining life to a "care-centric" model that aims to keep patients healthy even while they are suffering from chronic illnesses.
In such an era of transformation, as an essential partner to that aging society, ALCARE will adopt the perspectives of patients and medical professionals and contribute to medical care with the provision of connected care from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation to the return of patients to their daily life.
To this end, as well as developing products that meet medical needs that are changing and becoming more diverse every day, we will continue to leverage our strengths in proposals that accurately identify the issues on the ground and meet the challenge of designing new ways of care that go beyond manufacturing.

I am deeply grateful for your unwavering support of ALCARE.