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Four-way approach to achieve an enriched care process

Four-way approach to achieve an enriched care process

We strive to be an essential partner to elderly society and look to contribute to medical care through our four-wayapproach.

Locomotive Care

Locomotive is the collective name for the motor system (bones, muscles, joints, and nerves related to physical movement). We offer products and services to match customer needs and processes related to the treatment of motor system illnesses and disabilities.

Wound Care

There are many types of wounds, from acute wounds largely represented by postoperative wounds formed after external injury and surgical procedures to chronic wounds such as sores and leg ulcers.We offer products and services that are vital to wound prevention, treatment, and after care.

Ostomy Care & Continence Care

We offer products and services that provide a more pleasant care experience and help ensure a higher QOL for ostomates (colostomy, urostomy) and patients requiring excretion management due to illness, injury, or advanced age.

Nursing Care

In an environment that is seeing the average length of hospitalization decreased, ALCARE works to develop effective and efficient products with a focus on safety measures and infection prevention in order to contribute to “safe, secure, and comfortable” care and high-quality medical treatment.

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