Usage of Ostomy/Skin Care Products

Be sure to use/maintain the stoma care products correctly and safely, paying due consideration to the following.
For detailed precautions for use, please read the Directions for Use attached to each product.

Precautions for Use

  • Ointments or other products that may reduce adhesiveness must not be applied to the skin around the stoma. Reduced adhesiveness may cause leakage.
  • If a faceplate is removed, its reapplication must be avoided. Reduced adhesiveness may cause leakage.
  • Any appliance applied to the skin must not be folded. Excretion may leak from small holes created in the ostomy bag.
  • In the case of use of a free-cut product, be sure to cut the faceplate inside the boundary for the hole to be created in the faceplate. Creating a larger hole may result in leakage from the faceplate.
  • If the adhesive surface of the faceplate is cold, its initial adhesiveness will be reduced. In this case, warm the entire appliance in a warm room before use.
  • If the appliance causes skin irritation, stop using it and consult with a doctor or nurse.
  • Please be aware that prolonged use of stoma care products may reduce adhesiveness and cause leakage. The frequency of replacement of appliances differs from product to product. Read the instruction manual of each product.

Precautions for Storage

How to Storage

Do not store the appliances in the following places;
otherwise they may show quality deterioration, such as reduced adhesiveness.

  • Hot (≥ 40 ˚C) and humid places
  • Cold places (refrigerator, etc.)
  • Places exposed to direct sunlight
  • Places exposed to pressure
  • Prolonged storage of products purchased in large quantities. Make sure to check the expiration date indicated on each box
  • Storage of products with faceplates not covered with paper liners/films