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Our Philosophy

I.Mission Statements

1. To contribute to society by creating solutions for the Best Care. with the underlying goal of building a healthy society offering ample health and welfare services for all
2. To be a company where employees can find true happiness and fulfillment

II.Management Principles

1. To offer the finest services to doctors, nurses, patients, and everyone interested in health, guaranteeing quality and safety at the highest level
2. To deepen our knowledge, expand our thinking, and devise creative solutions
3. To focus on value added and pursue ever-higher productivity
4. To respect each individual's ideas and foster a dynamic corporate culture

Our Starting Point

Devilfs Hand and Buddhafs Heart

From its founding, ALCARE's point of departure has been the phrase kishu busshin-"a demon's hand and a Buddha's heart." ALCARE was established with the purpose of contributing to society in the field of health and welfare services.

Since then, we have carried out our mission day by day, continuously improving and enhancing a medical engineering research institute centered on the needs of the sick and disabled, while striving at all times to maintain a balance between compassion and the practical know-how required for a stable and enduring business enterprise.

ALCARE's founder was particularly fond of this statement of medical ethics: "When the Buddha's heart commands a demon's hand, it emits, by way of the demon's hand, an eternal radiance." At ALCARE we continue to honor this ethic as an essential part.

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