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Message from President

Innovative Solutions for Best Care

"We want to deliver the best care to all who hope for better health."

Since its foundation, ALCARE has regarded being the best care creation company as its vision and its existence. As a leading company engaged in the development of medical care and welfare technology in Japan, we have made concentrated efforts to develop unique technologies and manufacture reliable products that take advantage of the latest medical information. Our mission is to respond to medical professionals' and patients' requests for improvement of health by means of our technology and creativity, and we are responsible for fulfilling this mission.
We will continue to seek the best care in cooperation with medical professionals/patients.

Terushige Suzuki, President

Terushige Suzuki, President

ALCARE seeks to be a "strong and reliable" company.

Strong includes highly advanced technology, a high degree of social reliability, strong financial condition and excellent productivity. A weak company cannot survive this competitive society and provide new values for its customers. For this reason, ALCARE makes continuous efforts to assure its strength.

Reliable, another important standard of value, means that customers can rely on the company, while its employees find satisfaction and joy in their work. Although the principles of being 'strong' and 'ethical' occasionally interfere with each other, the essence of business management consists in balancing these two elements. Thus, ALCARE aims to realize business management by achieving a good balance between strength and a high ethical standard.

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