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Usage of Medical Stocking Products

Please note the following for the correct and safe use.

Precautions for Use

  • Wearing the stockings in the following manner may cause excessive compression leading to very critical conditions, including circulatory or nerve disorders. In this case, take them off and put them on again.
1. Wearing the stockings with the cuffs (upper ends) turned up or wearing them loosely
2. Wearing wrinkled stockings or sagging stockings
3. Wearing the stockings with the heels in the wrong place
4. Wearing open-toed stockings (stockings without special parts for the toes) with the toes in the wrong place
  • Even if you always buy the same size of stockings, you should always measure the circumferences of your ankle, calf and thigh first to confirm the appropriate size before purchasing a new pair.
  • Please do not use stockings if they have any runs or ravels.
  • Please do not cut the stockings with scissors or do not process or remodel them. If you do, ravels may result and the appropriate compression may not be achieved.
  • Please do not use the product beyond its expiration date (indicated on the outside of the package).

Precautions for Storage

How to Storage

Do not store the product in the following places.

  • ×Hot (≥ 40 ˚C) or humid places
  • ×Cold places (refrigerators, etc.)
  • ×In places that are exposed to direct sunlight

How to Wash

  • You should hand-wash the stockings in neutral detergent and lukewarm water.
  • Place the washed product in a dry towel and pat gently to remove the water. Dry in shade, away from direct sunlight.
  • To prevent deterioration of fibers, you should avoid using hot water, chlorine bleach, disinfectant, tumble dryers, or irons. Do not dry clean.