Usage of Brace Products

Please note the following for the correct and safe use and storage of the brace.

Precautions for Use

  • If any part breaks for any reason, immediately stop using the product.
  • Be sure to wear the product appropriately so that it cannot move or come loose, or exert excessive pressure. If you experience displacement, loosening or excessive pressure during its use, immediately take it off and put it on again correctly. Any displacement, loosening or excessive pressure may impair its effectiveness or make your symptoms worse.
  • This healthcare product is disposable. It is designed for one patient and should not be reused but discarded.
  • Please attach the product to your underwear.
  • The product may break after long use or if it is treated roughly. If it breaks, stop using it immediately.
  • Do not use the product if there are wounds, swelling or a rash at the area in contact with it.
  • Please follow your doctor's advice for use during sleep.
  • Do not remodel this product.

Precautions for Storage

How to Storage

Do not store the product in the following places.

  • Hot and humid places
  • Places where it may get wet
  • Places exposed to direct sunlight

How to Wash

  • Hand-wash the product. Do not use a washing machine or tumble dryer (use of a washing machine or dryer may damage the product, or the product may damage the washing machine or dryer).
  • Hand-wash the product in water below 30 ˚C containing neutral detergent.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach, washing machines or tumble dryers. Do not iron or dry clean.
  • Dry well in shade after washing.