Go outWork, Travel etc.

Going out

Many people may be worried that the appliance may peel off or leak when they go out and they may tend to stay home most of the time. Why don't you start by taking a walk in your neighborhood to get used to little by little and when you become more confident, let's try to go out further with a set of spare appliances.


Once you have recovered your strength enough to take care of your own stoma, you can return to work. However, if you have a very hard labor or need to carry heavy items, consult your doctor.
At first, avoid rush hours when commuting and make sure to leave your house ahead of schedule. Also, it is safe to check the location of the restrooms on the way to work.


Ostomates can also enjoy their school life as before.
Especially in school age, it is important to ask for the understanding of your condition from your teachers and school nurses to create an environment where others can help you when a problem occurs.
It may also help if you can have your doctor, nurse or ET/WOC nurse come visit your school and explain to others about ostomates.


When going out, you should prepare some necessary items such as appliance or underwear in a pouch to take them with you.
《Items you can carry in your pouch》
*1 or 2 sets of appliances (with faceplates cut off for immediate use)
*Tissue or gauze
*Trash bags
*Spare underwear etc.


Make sure you prepare plenty of spare appliances when traveling because you may get sick due to the change of environment or eating habits.
Women should wear something separated such as pants, not a one-piece garment (such as dresses for women) because it is easier to change your appliance.

Traveling by car
Position your seatbelt so that it does not touch your stoma.
Make sure to keep your appliance away from the hot and humid environment (such as inside the car) too long since the adhesive strength of the faceplate may become weak and may peel off easily.

Traveling by airplane
On an airplane, the stoma bag may inflate due to the changes in air pressure. If you are using a two-piece ostomy system you can easily release the gas, but if you are using a one-piece ostomy system, we recommend you choose an appliance with a filter.
Also, make sure to keep a spare appliance in your carry-on bag and not just in your suitcase.


When changing your appliance on a vehicle,
When boarding a train or airplane, it is convenient to prepare a set of appliances, tissue paper and garbage bag for each replacement. Also, restrooms are often small so you should pull up your clothes with clothespins to keep your clothes clean.