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January 12, 2022

Announcing the launch of special website, "Moldcare RI Ⅱ"

ALCARE Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that the special website for Moldcare RI Ⅱ has been launched on January 12th,2022.

The special website introduces the basic characteristics and usage of Moldcare RI Ⅱ in easy to understand manner with eye friendly images/navigation, and provides helpful information for medical professionals and distributors.

▼Click here to the special website

Design for the special website:

①Menu display of each information category
We have organized and categorized the contents so that you can access to what you are looking for easily and quickly. Click the menu to scroll automatically.

*When you use a smartphone, please tap the menu icon.


Moldcare RI Ⅱ_Menu display(PC).png


Moldcare RI Ⅱ_Menu display(smartphone).png

②Adaption for multiple devices
We have adopted a fully responsive design for all devices so that out visitors can see the website comfortably.

Moldcare RI Ⅱ_website design(PC).png
Moldcare RI Ⅱ_website design(smartphone).png

Our future prospect

We will keep updating the contents and your attention would be highly appreciated.